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The prices shown on our website include VAT, but not delivery costs: please refer to the separate delivery charges. Prices may have to be altered from time to time, either up or down. REFUNDS POLICY: please see the page on DELIVERY, which includes REFUNDS and RETURNS

Availability of Items

All items offered on our website are subject to their availability. When you place an order with us all timings given for delivery are approximate. The order is not accepted until we have confirmed the order to you by e-mail, and we reserve the right to cancel and refund in full at any time if for any reason we cannot fulfill the order.

If items are in stock, we aim to deliver them within 10-21 days of payment. If items are not in stock, we will give an approximate delivery date on the Order Confirmation, and payment will not be taken until they return to stock. We aim to make delivery within the approximate timescale on the Order Confirmation. However, if there are circumstances beyond our control that prevent us from delivering within the approximate time period stated, then you will be offered a full refund instead. We cannot accept responsibility for any losses claimed due to late delivery of items by our couriers, or if we are no longer able to deliver items for reasons beyond our control. Our total liability will be limited to the full refund of the cost paid for the item and the delivery charge paid if we are unable to deliver.

We cannot accept liability for any other losses you may suffer due to non-delivery of the goods, such as loss of income or revenue, and you should not enter into any financial arrangements which depend on receipt of the goods by a given date. No compensation will be offered for late delivery. We are happy to take returned items in accordance with the terms set out on our page explaining ‘deliveries and returned items’. A full refund of the original cost of the item will be the limit of our liability where the item is returned for any reason within the policy set out. If the item is defective, then delivery charges will also be refunded: if the item is returned to us for any other reason, then delivery charges for returns remain the responsibility of the purchaser and are all as set out on our delivery page.

Quality of Descriptions

We aim to describe our items as accurately as possible. You should note that colors indicated on the website or in printed brochures, can sometimes vary from true color. Our items are of solid woods, sometimes reclaimed, or cast metals, vintage or unique items. They are not mass-produced items, mostly hand-carved and finished, and so there may be some slight variations from time to time in color or finish- in particular, the reclaimed timber items will have some irregularities, which is part of the charm of the item. Sometimes the irregularity in paint finish, or wood wash finish, is part of the style and design of the item, and we hope you will bear this in mind.

We cannot guarantee that the wood finish and color of all pieces from different ranges, will match exactly in color: they may have had a slightly different color applied, or be from a different production batch, and so if you intend to match pieces together, we suggest that you should get in touch with us first as we may be able to advise.

You should also note that the sizes stated are approximate, and due to handmade products, these can vary by a small margin of up to 5cm. You should allow for this when measuring suitability and fit.

Our bedcovers are artisan textiles, not mass-produced, and will lose some of their colors in time with frequent washing, but this shouldn’t detract from their beauty or use as hand-made items. You should bear in mind that they need to be handled and cleaned more carefully than commercially produced textiles. We would advise infrequent cleaning, brushing and spot removal of stains is preferable. If you need to clean, we would recommend dry cleaning but subject to the eventual loss of color mentioned above, you can try handwashing, in which case we would recommend a cold wash, and non-biological( no bleach) washing powders such as that produced by BtoB. They can be used occasionally as a tablecloth, but bear in mind the washing constraints mentioned: we would recommend using a clear PVC cover over the textile surface if you intend regular tablecloth use.


Some of our oak wood finishes are very matt to give a ‘white’ finish. This is part of the style of the piece.


We recommend that our matt oak pieces should be wiped with a dry cloth to keep them dust-free and that this is all the maintenance they should require. We cannot recommend spray cleaners or other surface treatments which may not be compatible, and if you intend to refinish, we suggest that a small area is tested first.

Communicating with you and legal

As our sales are website based, and confirmed by e-mail, in placing an order with us, we assume that you accept that any terms are written on our website, and our communications by e-mail are in place of ‘written communications’ where these are required in legal terms. In placing an order, we assume that you accept our Terms and Conditions. Any dispute arising regarding the purchase or supply of our goods will be considered under English Law.

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To keep our costs low, we don’t mean a full-time showroom. We are located in the New Forest, Hampshire. We do have some sample items with a stockist, please get in touch with us at hello@blueisle.co.uk if you have any queries.

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