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Make an entrance: what can a console table do?

Console tables can make a statement in a hall, living or dining space.

There are some spaces which just cry out for a neat console table. Here, the narrow and smaller CHISWICK provides a focal point in an otherwise empty corridor space. A great blank canvas for a display of plants, candles or books, and with a useful space beneath. Drawers in this console are an added bonus for keys and other hallway clutter.

Then there is the ‘grand entrance’. This Classic Oak Console, at 2m long, isn’t for the faint-hearted,but is the signature piece of Blue Isle’s collection. This really makes a statement in a classic large entrance hall. If you don’t have a wide entrance hall, there are plenty of dining rooms, living spaces and kitchens with a wall large enough to need a console of this stature. Great for china displays, two lamps, and other decorative pieces. Its elongated proportions can give shape to a wall, where a short chest just wouldn’t do.

Then there are those very neat tables which can go just about anywhere. The Melbury weathered oak smaller console table is extremely versatile. It’s been used by our customers as a bedside table , a small hallway console, a TV stand, and even as a basin bathroom stand!

And for a more contemporary look in a narrow hallway, a plain, oak console with square detailing looks the part. This CHELSEA console has a shadow-gap detail around the perimeter to make it much more than ordinary!



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